Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


‘Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the world’.



Our vision statement reflects what we are called to be and do as we move into the future.

  • Every person has a God-given ministry to plant and grow these fruits of Christ’s new hope.
  • To Preach everywhere the Gospal of Jesus Christ, The essence of which is Love and Sacrifice and to Strengthen the church and to Establish New Churches in an Around Hosur.
  • To Consider Every Human being as a precious Creative and image of God.
  • The Church should recognize the need to respond to the relevant to and interact with changing Social Situations.
  • The Church should Emphasize by teaching and Practice, the responsibility and role of the Church and Christians in the socity and World.
  • To Help Poor,Uneducated and Sick peoples in the socity through the church.
  • We will develop our church in to Diocese with in the next five years.

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